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Women and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD Symptoms

Though post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects both men and women, it has been found that women are at a higher risk of falling victim to this condition. Women who have been affected by this problem experience it in a completely different manner when compared to men.

The unfortunate part is that women who are victims of PTSD could suffer mental illnesses for their entire life. There is no doubt that as human beings, we often become afraid or upset when something untoward or unexpected happens in our life.

This is a very natural psychological and physiological reaction. There are hardly any persons, both men and women, who would not have gone through such situations in their life.

However, in the normal circumstances, such instances and events are left behind and the manifestations are purely temporary in nature.

But when such events continue to affect the emotional, mental and physical stability and well-being of a woman long after the incidence has happened then she could be suffering from PTSD and might need medical, emotional and psychological support and help.

The problem with PTSD is that it not only affects the women who is a victim of this condition but the people surrounding such women also are in for some major difficulties.

It was previously thought that only men who had the experience of going to war were affected with PTSD. However, the reality is that thousands of women also suffer from this problem.

The main reason why women suffer from this condition is sexual trauma. There are also some other reasons which could result in a woman to suffer from PTSD. Some of the common reasons are; being a victim of violence or witnessing it, death of a close or beloved person, accidents, wars, natural disasters, sexual assault, physical and mental abuse and many other such situations. Identifying the symptoms of PTSD is very important to enable the right treatment to remedy the situation.

PTSD Symptoms

The most common symptom of women suffering from PTSD is that they experience and relive the trauma over and over again mentally. They relive it in the form of frightening dreams or flashbacks. They are not able to overcome the trauma because the memories of such events continue to torment them frequently. If left untreated, such trauma associated with Post Trauma Stress Disorders could lead such women to drift away from their family and loved ones. They become lonely and reclusive.

There are also some other symptoms associated with PTSD and they include feeling of guilt and sadness, angry outbursts, sleep disorders, feeling of being isolated and unwanted and so on. If any of the above mentioned symptoms persist for more than one month then the woman should be evaluated for PTSD and treatment should be immediately undertaken.

PTSD Treatment

Talking about treatment there are different approaches to it. These include medication, cognitive behavioral therapy or a combination or both. Cognitive behavioral therapy is all about is taught to confront such memories and made to understand that such traumatic events are not because of them. This treatment allows them to get over their sense of guilt. Medications for treatment could include Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin and Paxil.  The treatment period would depend on individual patient and could range from six to twelve months.

Since PTSD is a very serious disorder which could wreck a woman’s life it is very important to seek professional help and take steps to overcome the problem on a war footing. Read also about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children!

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