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What Mental Illnesses Really Are?

Brain Disorders

There is no doubt that mental illness has been around for many generations and it could even be traced back to the days of Ancient Greece and Rome. There were a number of things that were included under the gamut of disorders of the brain and a few examples are feelings of melancholy, phobias and hysteria.

The first time when mental illness was related to biological changes in our body was when Hippocrates put his mind into it.

Though at this point in time serious mental illnesses like Schizophrenia were not yet discovered, the fact such conditions related to mental illnesses were always not out of the realms of thought.

With the passage of time there were many theories which were attributed to such mental illnesses and even some primitive methods of treatment were started. In fact many of the treatments that were in vogue during those days had its origins in the Middle East and other Islamic countries. It would be pertinent to point out here that a physician by the name Rhazes of Baghdad Hospital was considered a very popular personality for treatment of mind related diseases.

However even with passage of time and development of technology, there are many of us who do not agree to the fact that there exists mental illness. While the process of finding out whether a person has mental sickness continues unless the diagnosis is correct it would be difficult to find out whether a person has mental sickness. Hence, there are quite a few contradictions and controversies surrounding mental illness.

There is however no denying the fact that staying mentally healthy is very important for our day to day life. While there are many people who lead life normally without any interruptions in their mental health, there are other who have regular interruptions.

It is important to have a closer look at these interruptions to find out whether there is something wrong with the mental health of such persons. It is therefore quite important to have a closer look at the various types of symptoms followed by the diagnosis to find out why such interruptions in mental health occur in the first place.

If we look at the various types of mental illnesses it is quite likely we will be able to come across a root for the same and it could take such person a particular period in his or here life. It would be interesting to note that amongst the many mental conditions that a person may suffer from, the following are worth having closer look.

  • Bipolar disorders.
  • Adjustment disorders.
  • Sexual disorders
  • Dementia
  • Delirium
  • Manic Depression

Adjustment disorders are those where a person finds it very difficult to adjust to the various stresses which are a part of their life.

Bipolar disorder which is also very common with many persons is often wrongly understood and hence wrongly diagnosed. This is because bipolar disorder could have many manifestations to it ranging from hyperactivity, excessive worrying, and mood swings. People suffering from bipolar disorder move from one extreme to the other within a matter of minutes.

Unless treated properly it could come with very dangerous consequences and could damage a persons’ mental health totally. It could often drive people to suicide.

However, many people in fact crave for attention and suicide may not be on the top of their minds. This condition happens when there is a chemical imbalance and in many cases it has to do more with the nerves rather than the physiological part of it.

More often than not, genetics and family history has a very important role to play and many people have this problem because it runs in their families. In fact these chemical disorders could have their roots which could be linked to some trauma or incident that could have taken place in their childhood. If this shock and trauma is left untreated, it could leave a permanent impact on the mental health leading to bipolar disorder.

Sexual disorders also occur almost the same way. Quite often sexual disorders could be related to some abuse which might have been inflicted on the patient. People who have exposed themselves to much of pornography and other types of abnormal sexual activities could be victims of this problem. But some recent research has proven that there are some hereditary factors which could prompt such people to become serial sexual offenders and even killers. In most of the cases sexual disorders are psychological which is caused by various levels of impairments in the functioning of the brain.


Apart from the above there are other mental disorders too which one should be aware. These include delirium and dementia which could lead to confusion, forgetfulness and memory loss. There are many other ways and means by which a person could suffer from mental illnesses and the best way to more forward with diagnosis and treatment is to take the help and assistance of a good mental doctor or physician.

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