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What is Endogenous Depression?

Endogenous Depression

What Exactly is Endogenous Depression?

Let us have a look at it over the next few lines. Usually whenever a person suffers from depression, there is bound to be an underlying reason for it. It could be due to some happening to the person either in his childhood or adulthood which they may not be able to deal with.

However, there are situations where the person may not have a specific reason but could still be suffering depression.

They may exhibit the classic symptoms associated with depression but the underlying cause may be absent or may not be identifiable. Such kinds of depression are referred to as endogenous depression.

Endogenous Depression Symptoms

Any person suffering from endogenous depression will exhibit all the symptoms associated with depression of various kinds. He or she could appear to be very anxious, could have changes in his or her sleeping habits, and could become unpredictable or irrational in his or her behavior and so on.

So if you come across such persons it is better to have them evaluated as a possible sufferer from endogenous depression.

How to Treat Endogenous Depression?

Since the main reason for this depression is difficult to diagnose, treatment in the initial stages could be difficult. The best way forward would be to get in touch with an online therapist which perhaps would be the best way to start treatment.

The person could be asked some well thought out questions and if the answers point towards some form of depression, treatment could be started. Though the concept of online counseling is quite new it is becoming more and more popular as days go by.

Telephone counseling is also another option which is almost the same as online counseling. Both these forms of counseling are becoming popular because of the comfort and ease associated with it.

Apart from the above forms of counseling it would also be necessary to visit a counselor or therapist in person because this perhaps would be the most beneficial in such situations.

While online therapy is more about use of webcam and finding out about the patient’s expressions and actions, there are a number of advantages associated with person to person contact which cannot be substituted. The counselor would be in a better position to talk more freely to the patient and understand his or her problems better through such personal touch.


As is the case with other forms of depression, endogenous depression is also completely treatable and even curable. The patients and the relatives need to be patient because the treatments will take time to have its impact.

It is also important for such patients to be open and honest with their doctors and counselors so that the right kind of treatment could be given. Honest and correct information to the doctor is extremely important for treating any types of depression including endogenous depression. It is not something that should be hidden or dusted under the carpet.

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