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What Does an Anxiety Attack or Panic Attack Feel Like?

Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic disorder is regarded as a form of illness. Feelings of being terrorized all of a sudden, feeling faintness or chest pain or a feeling of getting smothered are some of its symptoms. Panic attacks come under panic disorder category of mental illnesses.

Some people may get these symptoms, others may experience other similar ones. When a person is suffering from a panic attack the thoughts that come into the mind relate to something that is not real and feelings of unknown fears. The person may feel that he is not in control of himself or of a situation.

Panic disorder may also include feelings of depression. It may be related to substance abuse too. If the conditions we have discussed are connected to the disorder, don’t get them treated together. Sometimes the affected person may feel gloomy or he may not have an appetite for food. He or she may suffer problems of sleeplessness or of getting less sleep. The persons will not have enough energy to do even smallest things. They will lose focus.

Sudden, Intense

A panic attack happens suddenly and is intense in nature. The person gets feeling of fears that are severe. Generally there is nothing wrong with the person and he is actually not in danger. Panic attacks occur suddenly and they last for just some minutes and then disappear. Some panic disorders, however, may last longer. Some may occur in succession.

There are 3 main kinds of such attacks:

Spontaneous: These are ones that happen without any warning. Nothing brings it on. A person may suffer it when he/she is sleeping too.

Situation bound: These forms of panic attacks are related to certain situations. They happen when a person has experienced a situation or is about to be exposed to one. These situations trigger or bring on the attack. For instance, the   backfiring of a car may remind the person of the time he was in the army and was engaged in battle.

Reaction predisposed: This kind of panic attack can occur as a reaction that is delayed. The attack will not take place right away. The person may suffer the panic disorder some time after a situation takes place. Some persons may get it immediately, others later.

These symptoms are generally associated with panic attacks:  A feeling of choking;

lightheadedness or/and dizziness; trembling sensation; breathlessness; increased heartbeats and chest pain; feeling of numbness and getting chills; a feeling that the person is of going crazy; nausea;  Intense sweating;  feelings that he/she is detached from other people or from the world.

More Women Affected…

Even if the affected person gets 3 of the above symptoms it is called a panic attack. But it will be termed as one that has limited symptoms. A panic attack can happen suddenly and anywhere, even when the person is asleep. These kinds of attacks have occurred in millions of people in America.

Generally more women than men get these attacks. Indeed women suffer it twice as much as the men do. Panic attacks could begin when the person is a teenager or a young adult.  Some people suffer from these kinds of attacks frequently. They let themselves get helpless.

They may get affected by certain places and will need to keep away from those places in fear that it may lead to an attack. A person could also stay off certain activities. These may be shopping and other outings. So they stay put in their places of living and refrain from going out unless someone accompanies them. This kind of panic disorder is called agoraphobia.  It is a fear of open spaces or of being left alone. If persons affected by this seek help at an early stage, they can get progressively treated.

Anxiety disorder can be easily treated. The person will respond to most of the medicines and therapies that they are administered. Medication will help the person change his way of thinking so that he can get rid of his anxieties and fears. If your panic attacks are frequent then it can be said that you suffer from panic disorder. A panic attack can be termed as panic disorder when it becomes chronic. Your life then could be in danger.


Many people in all parts of the world suffer from these attacks. If you are not affected by them, you could know a person who is. If you suffer from panic attacks, you must learn how you can help yourself. If you know someone who has this disorder, you must learn how they can be helped. You need to become understanding and give them the support they need to fight this affliction.

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