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What Cause Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorder causes

There are several reasons which could cause anxiety disorders and it could be because of events in life or some physical conditions.

Insomnia  and Chemical Imbalances

Chronic insomnia, chemical imbalances, genetics and trauma could also be the other reasons for such anxiety disorders.

These anxiety disorders could have some symptoms and manifestations attached with it. It could range from exhaustion to pain, feeling nervous without any specific reason, difficult to fall asleep or remain asleep, worrying uncontrollably with no ostensible reason, nail biting, teeth grinding, hair pulling and other such symptoms.

While all these reasons may not directly point to anxiety disorders, they should be treated with caution and with a sense of urgency. It would also be useful to understand that the reasons for such anxiety disorders could be due to genetic reasons.

Further people who suffer from chronic insomnia could also be victims of such anxiety disorders. Identifying the cause of such anxiety disorder is very important because treatment becomes that much easy and predictable. Let us over the next few lines try and find out the various possible reasons which could lead to anxiety disorders.

Life Problems

Parents who subject their children to regular criticism often see their wards becoming victims of this problem. As parents it would be wrong to expect your child to be perfectionist. If children get a feeling that they are not measuring up to their parents’ expectation because of such regular criticism, they are at a higher risk of falling victim to anxiety disorders.

Lack of sleep is a major reason for anxiety disorders and chronic insomnia is perhaps the biggest culprit. So treating this problem is very important and urgent to alleviate the symptoms and give relief to such patients.

Stress and Trauma

Other causes of anxiety disorder could be stress and trauma. Death of a close person, divorce, movement from one place to another, change of jobs or professions could also lead to this problem. Financial problems, health challenges, legal issues and financial problems could also cause anxiety disorders.

Hereditary and Genetic

Hereditary and genetic link is also a big reason for people to suffer from this problem. Chemical imbalances and drugs could also impact the normal functioning of the brain which could trigger such anxiety disorder attacks.

Loud noise, car alarms, stiff deadlines that are self imposed could also trigger such attacks. Low blood sugar levels and too much dependence on caffeine, amphetamines and other stimulants could also aggravate the problem of anxiety disorders.

At the end of the day, proper treatment of anxiety disorder depends on identify the root cause and getting rid of the same. Symptomatic treatment can at best be temporary in nature.

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