Managing Stress

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Useful Information For Managing Stress In Students

Managing Stress in Students

As a college student most of us would be aware that we do have to pass through various periods of stress, strain and tension. While this is an unavoidable situation, we should find out ways and means by which we can keep stress under control to the maximum extent possible.

Though we may not be aware, there are many ways and means by which we can reduce stress in college and also in schools. Keeping stress levels under control has a lot of benefits for the students.

It goes a long way in enhancing performance of the students in their competitive exams which gets manifested itself in better results. However, as students we should find ways and means to manage it in a proactive way and should not wait for stress to take care of itself. Since this seldom happens the best way is to find out ways and means to nip stress in the bud. Read also about these Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Let us over the next few lines find out some simple but very effective methods by which we as students can keep stress under control.


Missing sleep is quite common amongst young students. Though as students you may have a busy schedule, you should try and manage time efficiently and effectively. Missing sleep or having reduced sleep should be avoided at all costs. This is because lack of sleep and increased stress levels go hand-in-hand.

The next important thing is having a success picture in front of you as a student. You should always have a positive frame of mind and have an image that you are doing well even under the most trying circumstances. Developing this technique will help you to detach yourself from tension and stress which is quite common amongst students, especially in exam situations.


Exercising on a regular basis helps to keep the body and mind fit. Simple exercises like walking, cycling, yoga can play a big role in keeping you cool and help you to be in a relaxed state of mind and body. A good gymnasium course can also help a lot in keeping stress under control.


It has also been found that regular breathing exercises are a wonderful way to keep a person calm and composed. The best thing about breathing is that it can be practiced almost everywhere. Especially before tests, these breathing exercises have been very useful in reducing stress levels.


Another relatively modern technique is known as progressive muscle relaxation. This technique can be put to use either before going to sleep or before you are sitting in tests or examinations. This is a method by which you learn to tense and relax each and every important muscle. This helps in keeping the entire body relaxed. This indeed is a great way to relieve stress within minutes even if you are in a state of physical exhaustion.

Conclusion: In fine, there are other ways and means by which students can reduce stress. Listening to soothing music, a balanced and proper nutrition, learning the art of self hypnosis and developing positive thinking are all simple yet great ways to keep stress under control.

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