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Top 10 Common Life Stressors!

Life Stressors

As we are all human beings we have our own ways and means of dealing with difficulties, problems, disputes, disruptions and deadlines. There is no doubt that stress in small doses can be helpful because it motivates you to do well and put your best foot forward. However, if you are always on an emergency mode, it may not augur well for you and may not be helpful to your efficiency. It would therefore be better to have a closer look at the various stressors in our daily life and find out ways and means to overcome them.

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1. Time

People often complain of not having enough time. To handle this situation it would be better to put a ranking to your priorities starting from the least important to the most important one. You would be aware that certain unpleasant task causes a lot of stress. Hence, it would be prudent to tackle these tasks first so that you can get the monkey off your back so to say. Once the worst things are behind you, you will get motivated by the fact that better things are to follow. Managing time and avoiding procrastination is very helpful to manage stress related to lack of time.

2. Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is another big stressor especially in today’s world of fast foods and junk foods. Smoking, too much of alcohol will certainly cause more stress and you should know how to avoid it or keep a check on it. Having a nutritious diet, with regular exercise and adequate sleep will certainly help you when you are faced with stressors caused by a bad lifestyle.

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 3. Please Everyone

You should avoid the tendency to please everyone in this world. This is humanely not possible. You should be honest and upright enough to tell others as to what you can handle and what you cannot. You should learn to bite only what you can chew and give your 100% on what you feel you are comfortable taking on. Avoid taking a host of tasks and not being in a position to complete even 50% of them.

 4. Conflicts

Another big reason for stress is conflicts at home or at workplace. Disagreements or differing opinions and perceptions can put a lot of strain on your professional and personal lives. When faced with such situations it is best to avoid a confrontation or argument. While being honest, you should try and put forth your views properly and without hurting the ego and self-respect of the other person as well as your own ego and self-respect.

 5. Inability to Accept Some Things

You should be in a position to accept things as they are because there are bound to be situations which may be totally out of your control. If you try changing something that cannot be changed, you will only be creating stress for you and also for the people surrounding you. It would be better to talk to a friend and take his or her perspective which could help solve the problem.

 6.  Missing Time Out and Relax

Many of us suffer from stress because we are not in a position to unwind and relax. All work and no play make a person sick both in mind and body. You need to find ways and means to recharge your batteries failing which you could always be in a perpetual state of tension and stress. Relaxing your mind and body will certainly give you better clarity of thought and it will certainly improve your productivity.

7. Illness or Death in The Family

Health challenges or death in your family could often lead to high levels of stress. While this reality cannot be ignored you should try and find out ways to deal with such feelings rather than trying to brush it under the carpet. You could take the help of your family and friends and seek their support.

 8. Neglecting to See the Humor in Situations

You should learn to see the lighter side of life in all situations. Always being in serious frame of mind will make you unwanted and push people away from your. Try and bring in a sense of humor towards situations in life. It certainly will help you to take away quite a bit of stress. You should try and understand the importance of a hearty laugh with your family and friends. Laughter has resulted in reduction blood pressure in many people.

9. Emotional Situations

There are some more situations which could cause stress. People who nag you constantly could make you blow your lid. You should try and avoid situations that make you to become angry and emotional. When you are angry or irritated find out ways and means by which you can handle such situations without bursting out.

10. Life Changes

Lastly, change is the only thing constant in our life and we should be able to welcome change and adjust accordingly. Change should be taken in a positive frame of mind.


At the end of the day, we have to understand the fact that there are many situations that are not exactly under our control. What can be controlled is our way of reacting to such situations which certainly will help reduce stress all around.

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