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Although stress and anxiety are considered same, they do have lot of difference in them. Stress usually appears from the pressures or tasks we face in daily life. These pressures have vivid range they can arise at home or at workplaces releasing adrenaline in excess. Longer the adrenaline stays in body more the chances of developing depression along with change in blood pressure and other negative effects harmful for our health.

One such harmful effect of stress is anxiety. Along with anxiety, panic overrides our mind engulfing the emotions that is always accompanied by worry and apprehension. All these things together are enough to rule the mind of individual overpowered by stress. Some of the other associated symptoms noticed due to undue stress are chest pains, dizziness, panic attacks and shortness of breath.

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Stress is caused by any factor usually called stressor that has already stressed out our mind. Whereas anxiety is, a psychological condition that is experienced even after stressor has gone. Many circumstances lead to stress including anger, nervousness, anxiousness or something that frustrates you. However, circumstances causing stress in one person not necessarily cause same thing in other person.

Anxiety on other hand is due to feeing type of fear that is hard to break free and is always associated with feeling of impending doom. Reasons that onset this fear are totally unrecognized adding to the distress level and increasing your anxiety.

Stress is just a kind of reaction given by our body and mind to specific actions that hampers our normal balanced life. Best example of this is the response we give to situations when we are frightened, threatened or terrorized. Physiologically adrenal glands in such psychological stressed conditions release a hormone called adrenaline. This adrenaline is enough to activate natural defense mechanism of the body causing increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, increased muscle tension and dilated pupils.

The best way to find out that you are under stress is to notice the increased pulse rate; although, if you notice that you do have normal pulse rate does not indicate that you are not under stress. Along with it, you might experience constant aches, palpitations, anxiety, chronic fatigue, crying, over or diminished eating, regular infections and decreased sexual desires also contribute common symptoms of being stressed.

However, it is not necessary that your body shows all these symptoms when you are stressed out. Actually, this is not at all considered normal way to convey your fears or apprehension as a reaction to factors that stress you out.

It is seen that some people find themselves more prone to stress compared to other people and for some people even going on with their regular decision taking capabilities seem to be incompetency. For such people small things like deciding dinner menu and shopping at malls becomes a daunting task. Whereas there are some people facing bravely to every kind of stress in fact, they tend to perform their best under stressful conditions.

Recent research in the field of stress has revealed that women having children are more susceptible to stress due to higher amount of adrenaline secretion compared to women without children. However, this does not mean that women having no children are not all susceptible to any kind of stress. The only difference being intensity of experiencing stress in women without children is far lower than women having children are. Therefore women having children should plan their daily activities schedule in such manner that they can stay in better mind frame all day long to face the challenges of good parenting after they notice reduced stress level.

Anxiety is one condition that develops uneasy feeling. Each person experiences it when these people face any circumstances leading to stress. Examples of such situation are feeling before going to exam, interview or certain worrying times like in illness. Felling anxious at some point when you are about to face something difficult is good for you and sometimes it can induce positive experiences in your life.

It is true that for many people anxiety is the root cause of ruing their happy life. In fact, anxiety above normal levels is often associated with certain psychological problems like excessive depression. Usually prolonged anxiety in considered fatal, especially in the absence of stressor and interferes with ones regular lifestyle.

The modern day body equilibrium possesses a theory that symptoms of anxiety are seen when brain plays an important role in sending message to body parts preparing them for fight or flight. In such activities, heart, lungs and certain other parts of body respond quickly. Brain manages these signals by secreting stress hormone along with adrenaline.

Indicators of Anxiety

  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased heart beat and profuse sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability or anger
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Fear of being crazy
  • Depersonalization, which is fear of not being in control of our actions or feeling unreal

There are many ways to bring out the anxiety in you and it is obvious that when you are under stress you do have some anxious thoughts. Most of the people under stress or anxiety disorder notice their minds are taken over by excessive worry including some unwanted issues like problems faced by world or common issues like job or family tensions.

Apart from that, there are some drugs recreational or medicinal show anxiety symptoms due to side effects or as withdrawal symptoms. Some of the drugs inducing anxiety symptoms are caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, cold remedies, decongestants; bronchodilators used in asthma, antidepressants like try cyclic drugs, cocaine, amphetamines and diet pills or ADHD and thyroid medications.

To some extent, unhealthy diet is also cause of increasing your stress anxiety levels due to decreased amount of Vitamin B 12 consumption. Specific anxiety like performance anxiety can be understood by taking exams or tests like performing in public. On the other hand, post-traumatic stress disorder also called as PTSD is kind of stress developed to due to past events in your life that has traumatized or terrorized you.

There are certain medical conditions causing increased stress levels like tumor of the adrenal glands called phenochromocytoma. Under this circumstances overproduction of adrenaline or other stress related hormones play an important role in increasing anxiety levels.


It is true that anxiety is something that has to be feared however, the most feared part is increased amount of stress or anxiety leads to certain psychological consisting like depression. This prolonged depression has all the potential to ruin your peaceful life compelling you to fight against it for the rest of your life. When you do have options to manage and combat with stress you can easily stay away from stress and anxiety related problems.

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