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Overcoming Addictions – Steps for Breaking Free of Addiction!

How to Overcome Addictions

Addiction is one entity that has enough potential to change your life from the roots with an option to accept the reality that you have to seek help.

Addiction recovery is not an easy process, as it needs subtle help from outside resources to make sure you lead normal, addiction free life once you have witnessed the filthy world of addiction. So far known there are different kinds of addictions posing different dangers to your personal as well professional life enough to deteriorate your normal life.

Recovering from such, addictions require you to understand the fact that you need to obtain help from outside sources apart from yourself. The best way to start is to consult either your family doctor or addiction counselor.

This is better option to discuss your emotional as well physical dependence as in one way or other they are related to your substance abuse habits. The first step is to formulate a plan with the help of your family doctor so that you can actually stop the abuse of substance of your choice. It really does not matter what type of addiction you are involved in to because for all addictions there is systematic approach to recovery in professional assistance you will be gathering.

Types of addictions

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Opiates
  • Food Addictions
  • Marijuana Abuse
  • Relationship abuse
  • Sex addictions
  • Gambling addictions
  • Drug abuse

Depending on the nature of people, they become addicted to several substances including medications and drugs. For sure, there are substances that have more addiction ratio compared to other substances. Example of this can be heroin addiction; only one or two uses are enough to make you addicted to this substance.

Heroin addiction is better example to demonstrate how much dependent a person can be on any substance that they develop a feeling that they cannot live without them. Generally, addiction is either physical or psychological dependence or sometimes both. Physical dependence is when individual is physically dependent on the substance and emotional addiction when person develops a feeling that there is no life without these substances.

When a person is addicted to one substance then his body develops tolerance for the same eventually increasing the quantity of substance to get the oomph. When an addict decides to stop abusing his substance of choice then chances are more that he develops withdrawal symptoms that are much like having flue. These symptoms can be anything from shakes, diarrhea, weakness, longing for the substance or weight related issues. [wp_ad_camp_1]

Signs of Addiction

If you want to find out whether someone is addicted or not is to predict the necessity of abused substance in his/her daily life. Although there are different signs and symptoms with which you can determine the addiction in person including weight loss, weight gain or mood swings.

Here is a list of some common symptoms that you will obviously find in the addicted person

  • Consumption of abused substances for relaxation
  • Using substances to forget worries and problems
  • Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Keeping secrets from beloved people
  • Staying aloof and urge to spend time alone
  • Missing school, colleges or offices with unexplained reasons
  • Decrease in grades or overall performance
  • Befriending unknown people disrupting regular healthy friendships
  • Finding different ways to get funds for substance of choice
  • Stealing money or household items and selling them for cash
  • Failed attempts to recover from addiction
  • Increased anxiety levels
  • Depression, anger and mood swings

Different Addiction Recovery Stages

In the professional addiction recovery, programs and the prescribed ways to get recovery from addiction you will have to cross over five different stages. Starting from the first stage an addict has to clear off first stage successfully to start another stage. For better understanding of these five stages they are enumerated below

Stage I: “Awareness and Acknowledgement”, is the first stage where addict has to make up their minds, accept the truth that they are addicted, and need help.

Stage II: “Consideration and Incubation”, this stage is an acknowledgment to understand the gravity of one’s addiction. In this stage, addicts understand the need of external help and the abstinence of substance abuse in their lives. Due to better understanding, addicts usually cope-up with the recovery programs and start accepting the treatment positively to gain positive results in addiction recovery.

Stage III: “Working towards early recovery activity”, under this stage addicts understand the necessary of recovery treatment in his life. Moving further by denying the use of substance of their choice, they seriously consider adopting these treatments and recovery programs for the betterment of their lives.

Stage IV: “Beginning Rehabilitation”, here addicts opt for learning different ways in their behavioral and emotional pattern to combat their addiction. Along with learning skills to change their old habits they also make new relations and friends that are healthy, enough to motivate them to lead addiction free life.

Stage V: “Maintenance of Recovery”, this is the last stage of the recovery program where addiction recovery is complete theoretically. However, in this stage addicts are felt to understand that they have recovered from their addictions but they have to be aware of the future threats of addiction that will always hunt them for rest of their life. With proper control, help and support from family and friends they can always stay away from such addictions in future.


Addiction of any kind is not only hazardous for your life but is enough to deteriorate your personal and professional life. By seeking help from external sources and taking extreme efforts to recover from addictions is the best way you can make rest of your life beautiful.

Along with this five-step recovery program, there are certain recovery programs like detox treatment carried out in medical facility and some 12-step programs aimed to recover addicts. You can always choose any recovery program of your choice depending on the gravity and type of your addiction. Please understand although these programs are hard to carry out with dedication and positive attitude you can combat any addiction to live addiction free life.

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