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Mild Depression Symptoms

Mild Depression

There are a number of people who suffer from mild depression and it would therefore be better to understand something more about it. It is basically a gloomy state of the mind and it usually persists for a long time and it is often associated with a condition called dysthymia.

Basic Symptoms of Mild Depression

  • The problem is that at times it becomes very difficult to differentiate between emotional disturbance and mild depression. The basic symptoms associated with mild depression could be many.
  • The patient could lose a will and zest for living, he may become listless, and he could suffer from low self-esteem and fatigue and may stop interacting with others.
  • Adrenal fatigue is also another symptom associated with mild depression.
  • It also leads to people becoming frightened, poor memory and lack of concentration. They get frustrated very easily and will not show tolerance to even very normal situations. Though there could many reasons for this condition, it has been found that adrenal glands product lower quantities of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen could be the main reason for this problem. These people could also suffer from varying degrees of insomnia.

The biggest problem with mild depression is that it goes unnoticed in patients for a long period of time and the patients continue to suffer in silence without knowing that they are suffering from this condition. There are also situations where the patient may suffer from such conditions off and on depending on the severity of even mild depression.

The best way to overcome this problem is to treat the patient when he or she is the mild phase of such attacks. A number of physiological factors could also trigger attacks of mild depression. Chronic diseases, people suffering from prejudices and penury often suffer from this condition. Mature women are more at risk as far as these attacks are concerned. Read also about Clinical Depression Symptoms!

Please have a look at the main symptoms associated with Mild Depression:

  • The most common symptom is changed disposition.
  • The patient will generally exhibit a sense of gloom, dejection, despair or show a lack of interest in almost anything. He or she could get into uncontrolled episodes of crying and sobbing.
  • They may become furious every now and then and could even exhibit aggressive behavior.
  • They are known to be extremely impatient about situations and things.
  • They become shy and withdrawn themselves from the outside world.
  • The also lack self confidence and they may not even be in a position to perform their daily chores regularly. They feel that they are useless and consider themselves as a used force.
  • There are other symptoms too and these could include loss of focus and they lose direction temporarily. They become extremely indecisive when it comes to things or situations about themselves. They may not be coherently and could even suffer temporary memory loss.
  • They also could lack physical and mental power and they could be in a state of permanent exhaustion and tiredness.
  • They also look physically and mentally worn down and everyone who looks at them can find that they are suffering from some problem.

Other symptoms could include loss of weight because they may lose the urge and willingness to eat. Their eating habits may become chaotic and irregular and the quantity of food that they eat could get reduced drastically. These people also suffer from excess sleep or lack of sleep. They could move from insomnia to hypersomnia (excess sleep).


While mild depression is a problem that could be haunting thousands of people, the key to treating and overcoming the problem lies in identification of the problem at an early date.

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