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How to Stop Panic Attacks?

Panic Attacks

There is no denying the fact that panic attacks can indeed be a very terrifying and devastating experience both for the patients and family members. However, there are many ways and means by which we can stop these panic attacks from happening regularly.

The most common underlying reason is a constant sense of anxiety and fear which could trigger such attacks. The main reason is the release of adrenalin from the adrenal glands which is a normal reaction of the body to fight an emergency situation. While such situations occur only very rarely for normal human beings, when it happens frequently, then the person is supposed to suffer from pain attacks or even panic disorders. While the reasons can be identified the next important thing is to find out ways and means by which it can be prevented.

Ways to Stop Panic Attacks

Positive State of Mind

The first steps that could help people from suffering from panic attacks are to help them maintain a determined and positive state of mind. Once you are able to ensure these, you will be able to ward off possible panic attacks. There are many ways and means by which attitude and determination can be developed. Reading books, listening to tapes and watching videos on determination and positive attitude can help a lot.


Apart from the above, exercises can be very beneficial. You can either perform calming exercises or go in for vigorous exercises which help a lot in calming both your mind and body. This also assists in diversion of mind and removes fear and anxiety.

Healthy Diet

Practicing a healthy diet is another important aid in helping people to be free from panic attacks. Such patients should learn to add more of fruits, proteins, vegetables and also food items rich in magnesium. Fruits and vegetables help in alkalizing the body while adequate quantities of magnesium helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, the absence of which could lead to panic attacks. Avoiding artificial sweeteners is best avoided by such patients. Check out these Herbs for Panic Attacks!


There are other ways and means by which also the incidences and frequency of panic attacks can be stoped. These patients should try and find out distractions. Watching favorite movies and being in the company of friends and relatives can help a lot. Such patients should avoid staying alone which builds up tension and anxiety which are the two most contributory factors for panic attacks.


There are a number of other life-style changes that could be made and such patients should reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol. While caffeine increases adrenalin production and therefore should be avoided, there has been a marked connectivity with reducing alcohol intake and reduced or complete absence of panic attacks. Smoking is another very bad habit which should be totally done away with if a person is a victim of panic attacks/panic disorder. The presence of nicotine and other deadly substances help and aid triggering of panic attacks and therefore are considered extremely dangerous for panic attack patients.

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