Managing Stress

A Refreshing Guide to Explore When Coping With Every day Stress

How To Break Free From A Stressful Life?

Stress Management Tips

It has been noted that recently there is subtle rise in the complaints about being stressed out. If we look back then before three decades this term used to be anonymous; however today it is the most basic problem faced by human beings. Individuals frequently complain about being stressed out whenever they are communicating their personal or professional lives.

The worst thing is today even children fill stressed out due to their regular activities they have to carry out at school or at home. In most of the cases, the stress children carry is directly inherited from their parents.

Psychologists dealing often with such complaints think there are many root causes for this situation to arise starting from food we consume to the society we are living in. The fact is today people are living such hectic lifestyle that they put in too many efforts in everything and at last stay with empty hands leading to stress.

We as human beings do experience stress at one or the other point in our lives. However, there seems to be a large gap between experiencing stress all the time and experiencing it at rare occasions due to certain circumstances.

Anything that happens unexpectedly which is not in favor is the most common thing to bring in stress. Many individuals find themselves out of this agony once they face the circumstances causing stress bravely.

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There still are certain people experiencing stresses all the time in their lives making their life all the more miserable.  This is not at all appropriate as it is damaging our society to greater extent. Looking at the options available, billions of dollars are wasted on treating different types of stress.

Today you will find an array or drugs and prescribed medicines developed to combat various symptoms of stress and anxiety. Moreover, more than million people are regularly using these medicines to stay away from unwanted stress.

It is obvious that we are facing some questions that have lead to such critical situation ion last three decades. Are we exaggerating the truth or are we expecting the unexpected from ourselves as well from the society?

Why do we experience the most common stress symptoms enumerated below:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Depression
  • Panic Attacks

Anxiety and depression are considered brothers and sisters having same parent, Stress. These conditions have erupted in recent years because thirty years before they never existed.

No wonder, the psychological ailments mentioned above arise due to the stress, affecting people mentally as well physically. This unwanted stress is responsible for many threatening diseases including heart diseases and cancer in human beings. Therefore, it can be concluded that stress is not at all permissible in your life. On the other hand as human beings, we cannot run away from our usual duties that generally cause stress. However, with certain options and tips given below you can surely avoid situations that might cause stress in your life.

Tips to Stay Stress Free

There are certain ways following which will ensure that you stay away from unwanted stress.

  • Breathing exercises is one good thing to achieve stress free life. To perform these exercises breathe in through your mouth and breath out through your nose. There should be difference of at least 10 seconds between each breath that you can maintain by counting up to 10 making sure you keep the air in your lungs for almost 10 seconds.
  • Make a habit of watching your favorite program that is humorous and entertaining on television each evening. The longing to watch the next episode will bring in some entertainment in your life keeping you away from stress.
  • Although difficult in the begging Dog petting is one of the better options to stay stress free as it helps in more ways to have stable life. Usually dogs have routine life just like us that will eventually help you in maintaining your daily life.
  • Finding your creative side by getting out of the smothered creativity and getting involved in some creative work surely helps. Any creative work that engages your mind is helpful in keeping you stress free as it engages your mind in another activity.
  • Reading a book before going to bed rather than consuming sleeping pills is far better option to combat insomnia that brings in unwanted stress.
  • Regular workout in gym and motivating yourself to sweat more has positive effects on your attitude and personality. Furthermore, you get a chance to interact with different people at such places.
  • Joining clubs or groups where you can meet and befriend with likeminded people will bring in the lost confidence in you relieving you off stress.
  • It is proven fact that whenever you find someone in deep trouble than you helps you to look at things in different perspective. Volunteer to help such people because the feeling of helping needy is overwhelming and useful for you to get out of stress.
  • Jogging or walking in fresh air is real stress reliever as it helps in refreshing your thoughts and keeps your mind engaged in finding all the beautiful things around you.
  • Sometimes crying is the best medicine. Just like laughing, is good exercise crying also helps in relieving stress instantaneously. Chances are more that you are accumulating all your emotions making it worse for yourself. Just cry and let the emotions flow, it will surely relieve you out of stress.


Life is precious so do not waste it by taking unwanted stress. With every bit of stress you experience daily, you are shortening your own life by minutes. You need to understand that circumstances you are exaggerating as causes for stress are actually minor and can be easily dealt with. Isn’t it beautiful to experience life in its true flavor rather than wasting it with unwanted stress and consuming all that stress medications?

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