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Home Remedies For Anxiety Attacks Disorder


Home Remedies For Anxiety [wp_ad_camp_2]

The great feeling that one has when he is free from anxiety is something that he can only imagine and explain to other. Life for such persons would indeed be very fantastic to say the last. However, people who regularly suffer from anxiety disorders often find themselves in a hopeless situation.

They need not feel so despondent and hopeless because there are some common home remedies for anxiety attacks disorder about which we will find out over the next few lines.

Try the 7 Minute Anxiety Test

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First the foremost it would be a great idea to try the highly popular 7 minute anxiety test which will help identify the causes of anxiety and its result on your anxiety levels. It could be some mental or physical symptoms that are the cause for such anxiety. The factors that are the source for anxiety should also be found
out. This is the foundation for overcoming anxiety which certainly will help you to become a new person and make you feel proud of yourself instead of feeling miserable.

You have to understand the fact that anxiety or stress attacks of chronic nature are very bad for you. They prevent you from enjoying the good and better things of life and they also spoil your relationship with your family and friends. Hence it is important to manage these attacks at the earliest. [wp_ad_camp_1]

Towards this objective, it is now becoming very common for many of us to go in for home remedies. These remedies have been in used for generations and at a time when formal medications where not available. Hence many of us feel that there is nothing wrong trying them out because they have stood the test of time.

The experiences gained from such home remedies have been passed on through generations only through word of mouth. The media also has a role to play. The fact that the methods have evolved through a trial and error approach certainly makes it very interesting.

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1. Don’t Drink to Much Coffee and Tea

Avoiding coffee and tea is often considered a good natural remedy for anxiety attacks. Caffeine is known to work as a stimulant for the nervous system which could aggravate the levels of nervousness. However, limited amount of coffee could actually soothe your nervous.

2. Drink Water

Drinking adequate amount of water is also referred to as hydrotherapy. This treatment which involves drinking large quantities of water is known to relieve the various types of discomfort which could lead to anxiety. A body that is well hydrated is known to help the functioning of the hormones which in turn prevents restlessness, anxiety and also depression.

3. Take Vitamin B1 to B12, Magnesium and Calcium

People who suffer deficiencies of Vitamin B1 to B12 and also calcium and magnesium are more at risk against anxiety attacks. The entire lot of Vitamin B Complex Vitamins does play a big role in keeping the nervous system healthy and functioning. Magnesium on the other hand helps keep the body less stressed and tensed. Calcium plays the important role of transmission of impulses throughout the various parts of the nervous system. Hence it is important to make it a habit to add a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. Have a Bath

Bathing is also known to be a great anxiety and stress reliever. It plays a big role in helping relax and relieve muscles that are tense and thus increasing the feeling of being in a relaxed and anxiety-free state.

5. Exercise

Draining out excess adrenaline through regular exercise helps in controlling anxiety. Simple tasks like long walks and yoga are considered very effective methods of controlling anxiety. It certainly helps burn off the excess secretion of adrenaline which is the hall mark of anxiety.

6. Think Positive

Last but not the least we have to bear in mind that our mind plays a vital and crucial role in helping us succeed against anxiety attack disorders. We should try and develop only positive thoughts in our mind and this is what gets communicated to all senses of the body. If a person is weak minded, he will be more vulnerable to anxiety attacks and it is therefore important to develop a mind that is strong and resilient.

There are also other ways and means of choosing a good home cure method for controlling and preventing anxiety attack disorders. However, at the end of the day the success of otherwise of these methods would certainly depend on the persons’ capability to fight off anxiety attack where proper treatment both natural and others have an important role to play.


All of us are aware of the fact that a good house cannot be built with its roof down. Hence, it is important to conduct a good anxiety test with the help of a seasoned professional before we start thinking of the various treatment options. This is important because it is very important to understand the underlying conditions for anxiety attacks before a good treatment regimen could be identified.

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