Managing Stress

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Healthy Stress Management Diet

Stress Management Diet

While stress is something that cannot be avoided totally, we should try and find out ways and means to manage stress effectively. While stress could make a person go into a foul mood, there are some other factors that could also contribute to lower or higher stress levels.

But at the end of the day the fact of the matter is that stress causes a number of health problems ranging from high blood pressure to depression, from heart disease to certain types of cancer.

There are a number of research documents to prove that maintaining a good stress management diet could play a big role in fighting stress successfully.

Let us over the next few lines try and learn something more about the various food items that could have a big bearing in increasing or decreasing stress levels. We will basically be looking at stress busting foods and how the work in lowering and controlling stress levels.


For examples, it has been found that when we take a warm bowl of porridge, it actually increases the level of serotonin which has a big role in calming various brain chemicals. There are also a number of other foods which can reduce the levels of adrenaline and cortisol which are stress hormones which could take a big toll on our body. Further taking a nutritious stress can fight the negative impact of stress. It does so by strengthening the immune system of the body and helps in reducing blood pressure.

Wholegrain cereals

Taking a lot of wholegrain breakfast cereals such as pastas, brown bread and porridge helps the body to produce more of complex carbohydrates which eventually leads to increased production of serotonin which results in calming of the brain. These complex carbs take more time to digest and hence the effect lingers for a longer period of time. It also helps stabilize the blood sugar levels.


While many dieticians advise us to stay away from simple carbs, there are some sweets and fizzy drinks which can work wonders when it comes to managing stress in the short term. Oranges are rich sources of Vitamin C.

Studies have pointed out that oranges and its richness in Vitamin C can play a big role in reducing stress levels and also in strengthening the immune systems. Spinach is another good stress buster food item because it is rich in magnesium which helps in regulating cortisol levels. Lack of magnesium is known to cause headache and tiredness.

Oily fish

If you wish to keep your adrenaline and cortisol levels in check, it is very important to go in for regular doses of oily fish. Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fishes like Tuna and Salmon can regulate the release of stress-inducing hormones. It also is known to protect the heart. The ideal quantity would be to eat 85 g of oily fishes at least two times a week.

Black tea

Black tea is also known to work very effectively on people who suffer from problems related to stress. People who are in the habit of drinking at least 4 cups of black tea daily find themselves in a calmer situation when compared to others who do not do so. However, it would be better to stay away from coffee which is known to increase cortisone levels in the body.


There are a number of other stress busting diets on which we will spend some time. Pistachios is known to play a big role in reducing the stress hormones release in the blood stream. Eating a handful of pistachios daily can reduce adrenaline levels quite significantly and stop people from suffering from high blood pressure and other such problems. Potassium is known to play a big role in reducing high blood pressure.


Taking half an avocado daily gives you more potassium that you get from a medium sized banana. Further the presence of guacamole in avocados helps you to go in for a fat free diet that is filling because increased stress levels will make you crave for high fat diets.


Almonds which are rich in various vitamins such as vitamin E and B helps in your body becoming more resilient when you are in a stress situation.

Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables can help in fighting stress from a purely mechanical point of view. A few examples of such raw vegetables are carrot sticks or even having celery or two. It can help in reducing headaches that are caused by stress related factors. There are also a lot of bed time snack which can indeed help a lot in speeding up the release of serotonin which will help you to sleep better. Avoiding heavy meals before bed is very important for those who are suffering from stress related problems.


Calcium found in milk, which if taken during bedtime can play a big role in reducing muscle spasms. It also helps in easing mood swings. Always go in for skimmed or low fat milk.

 Last but not the least regular exercise at least for 30 minutes a day can help a lot in keeping stress under control. Reading books and gathering useful information can also help a lot in being informed and being knowledgeable when it comes to fighting chronic stress. Read also these strategies for managing stress in college students!

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