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It may not be always possible to pinpoint a particular group of people who could be categorized as high risk category as far as attacks of anxiety are concerned or other such mental disorders. But at the end of the day, this is not the question to the answer as to who are the persons who suffer from this problem. Well, the answer to this question is that anyone could suffer from anxiety related disorders. It could be your close relatives, friends, co-workers or even you yourselves.

At times you could be in for a surprise or shock because such anxiety disorder attacks could get into a person whom you would have never expected. The sad part of such attacks is that more often than not, it is kept as a closely guarded secret and the patient suffers in silence.

Many people would not like to talk about such illnesses and it is often dusted under the carpet. It could be surprising that many renowned politicians and even Hollywood celebrities could also be suffering from this problem.

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However, being a sensitive kind of sickness many of these celebrities pay off their publishers and other media persons to keep this problem under wraps. They fear that if the outside world knows about this problem it will dent their image without realizing that making it open could be more beneficial than harmful.

The problem with anxiety attacks is that it affects people who are willing to lead a normal life. Too much of anxiety attack could lead to a situation where the patient could lead from a debilitating psychiatric condition.

When a person suffers from anxiety disorder, the symptoms lead to the brain relaying a message to other parts of the body. Certain vital organs like the lungs and heart start working rapidly and this leads to the brain release big quantities of adrenaline.

Alternative Methods Of Treatment

While medication and therapy is the best known methods of treating this problem there are quite a few alternate treatments too which could be tried out to relieve conditions attached with such anxiety attacks.


One of the most important components for treating anxiety attacks is to understand the importance of relaxing. This is however easier said than done and the best way to get started is to bring some rhythm and slowness in your breathing. This is important because when a person suffers from panic attacks, he or she has trouble breathing. Quite often they are found to be short of breath when they suffer such attacks. Hence relaxing will help your breathing to come back to normal levels. This will also help your heart rate to slow down and come back to normal levels.


Coming to some common exercises which could help in such cases is to try and lie down with your backside close to a wall. You must bend the knees with the feet touching the wall. By using one foot at a time you should press into the wall. You can try to breathe in when you press against the wall and can try breathing out when you release the leg from the wall. This has to be done by changing from one foot to another. The whole process may take around 15 minutes but it is worth it under all circumstances.

┬áDon’t Think About the Past

You should avoid trying to think about the past. Quite a few times it has been found that panic attacks occur due to your thinking about some past incidents. You should try and divert your mind by looking at different shapes and colours. If you love pets you could try and spend some time with them.

 Try Aromatherapy

You could also try aromatherapy if you have a liking or fascination for perfumes and aromas. Lavender is considered by many to be an aroma that helps in soothing nerves that are affected by anxiety. Buying such aromas and fragrances should not be a problem at all. Once you feel that you could be in for an anxiety attack you could sniff these aromas and it will work wonders and calm your nerves. Massage oil could also be tried out (grape seed and olive oil are a few examples). You should try and smell these aroma oils before using them.


there is no doubt that there not all is lost for those who suffer from anxiety disorders. All you need is a will to take the first step and make the necessary changes to your life and lifestyle also. There is a lot of help available out there and you should be willing to grab it without brushing the problem under the carpet.

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