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Enjoy Christmas and Take the Stress Out of Your Life!

Take the Stress Out of Christmas

There is little doubt that you certainly can have a Merry and Happy Christmas if you are sure about the reason for this holiday.

Even those who are strictly religious, look forward to Christmas because it gives them a chance to be with their families.

Even if the food that we eat during the day may not be the best, the very fact that you have something to eat with your family makes you happy.

While many of us break our heads and get stressed and tensed over the decorations to be made for Christmas, the festival actually is not about gifts. The best gifts without any doubt are the ones that come from the heart and hence they are priceless apart from being unexpected.

While gifts are important they should not take the drivers seat and destroy the entire spirit and happiness associated with Christmas. It is all about sharing your experiences and love with those who matter to you the most rather than being bogged down by what you pack into this season in your quest to make it perfect.

While remembering old traditions and following the same are fine, Christmas is also about coming up with new traditions and ensuring that they continue to grow over the years.

There are many ways and means by which one can experience a memorable Christmas. If you ask many of us the best Christmas would perhaps have been those which had been celebrated in our childhood.

The Christmas that was celebrated in our childhood when we had virtually nothing much to do still remains entrenched in our memories. The thought of being together with our grandparents takes us down memory lane. When we graduated in life and got married the first child that many of us were expecting made Christmas that much special.

The raw goose with the Victorian Christmas, the sledding experiences that we went through in the dark and many other such occasions are all something that will make us laugh and also makes us become nostalgic when we think about Christmas at its best.

When we talk about the food that we made for Christmas, many of us still recall the wonderful cookies which were nothing but gingerbread houses. The same would have been put together with frosting and graham crackers. Though times have changed, the best decorations that many of us remember are the tree, the Manger and the Old Santa and the Village. It will continue to be the best even for our children and perhaps even their children.

Talking about the presents that we are used to give during Christmas we still remember about the two used books that my mother had longed for which often used to go out of print. This was of course before internet came into being and the happiness that we used to get when we found a copy of the same just on Christmas Eve.

Many of us would perhaps have paid around 50 cents for the same, but in terms of real worth it was priceless. Many of us recall the Christmas hymns that we sang in candlelight and it indeed was a great experience.


Christmas is all about finding out ways and means to be happy and it does not necessarily mean participating in everything. We should choose the ones that are fun and not obligatory.

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