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Eliminate Your Panic And Anxiety Attacks – 4 Natural Herbs!

Panic Attacks  Remedies

There is little doubt that nothing is more frightening and uncomfortable than a panic attack. Any panic attacks once they start can certainly move fast out of control. There are however many treatment options that are used by such people. While some treatment works very well others hardly work at all.

Many such suffers often have to find various combinations and permutations before actually zeroing in on the one that gives him or her the desired results.

When you come out with the right treatment options there are situations when even they may fail.

There could be situations where you could run out of medication and may not be able to find refills for days or even for few hours when it is needed the most. There could be situations where you may not be able to find the right appointment with your therapist when you require it very urgently.

You could also come across situations where treatment may not be possible in the home. Many situations may prevent you from seeking traditional methods of help at any given point in time.

But this certainly does not mean that he or she does not require any help. The longer the wait the worse the situation may become. It is therefore better to have some quick fix solutions in hand.

 Herbal Remedies

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There are a number of herbal remedies that are available which you must be aware of. They are very affordable and compare very favorably with the prescription medications. If the cost of visit to your doctor is factored in these herbal medicines are indeed very cost effective. These remedies are generally bought from local stores and even online purchase is now becoming quite common. There are many such medications which are available at prices as low as $10.

Kava, or kava kava as it is also known is a widely used herbal tranquilizer which often is compared with Xanax when it is all about power. It without doubt is very strong but does not come with the addiction risks associated with Valium or Xanax.

It is a medication that has been in use for centuries by Polynesians in various ceremonies more as a relaxant. When taken in small amounts it will help you to feel happy and well and in larger quantities it could either make you very relaxed or very tired. Since it is not habit forming it can be taken regularly. It also does not cause memory problems which are associated with other drugs like Xanax.

However, people suffering from liver damage should be careful about using Kava. The reasons are not well known but it is contraindicated for people who suffer from any type of liver ailments.

Valerian root is another herbal tranquilizer which is being used in Europe for a number of years. It is supposed to be effective in treating insomnia, and also moderate anxiety.

Valerian is supposed to be very safe and it can be taken daily for many months at a stretch. It does take a lot of time before one is able to find the right kind of results using this tranquilizer or sedative.

However too much use may reduce its effectiveness and hence is considered bit of a paradox. Valerian is available in various forms and one can get it either in liquid form, as tea or in the form of capsules. Each form is equally effective and is left to the customers’ choice as to what form to buy.

One particular thing about valerian is that it has a strong smell and it often smells of a wet dog. It could make your hand smell terrible for hours at length if you touch it. Though it has a strong smell it doe not make your breath bad,

Passionflower is another herbal alternative that is considered as good and similar to valerian. It is also taken in combination with valerian, chamomile and other such herbs which help in relaxation and give maximum effect when taken together.

Chamomile tea has been in use for a long period of time and has been known to help in promoting sleep and relaxation. It is not very potent and therefore less likely to cause drowsiness. It is very useful for those who would like to relax without falling asleep. It can be used when you are driving because it will help you to feel relaxed without running the risk of falling asleep when you are holding the steering wheel in your hands.

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