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Checklist of Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Social Anxiety Disorder

If you are feeling nervous or depressed when you see yourself in the middle of crowd or if you feel added anxiety when you are facing interview or giving some kind of speech. If yes then you need to check some other prolific Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms and see whether you experience them also or not.

Again, if your answer is yes then these are not only signs of social phobia or social anxiety but you might be suffering from Social anxiety disorder.

If you fear intensely of embarrassing yourself in front of your friends or colleagues or you are trying to prevent any such situation that would trigger this feeling then you need to understand some of the specific Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms to make sure either you have a problem or not. Read also about Clinical depression symptoms!

To help you out in deciding, I am enumerating some of the common symptoms faced by people suffering from asocial anxiety disorder that is said to be a new analogy in medical term as previously it was confused with Agoraphobia.

Actually, there are some physical and emotional symptoms but I will try to note them combined so that you do not get confused again in determining what are emotional and what physical symptoms are.

The first thing you get when you are in public is fear of losing control on yourself and you feel catastrophic.

You like to confine yourself in your own space and whenever someone tries to invade your personal space, tries to befriend with you, talk with you, or interact with you experience higher-level anxiety.

You fear parties and gatherings where you think you will attract lot of attention as you enter because the crowd will start judging you from your appearance starting from head to toe.

You fear to take part in social activities because you think you will fail the people’s expectations and they will laugh on you. Anxiety of being ridiculed is so immense that you not only avoid singing, dancing or playing but you even avoid speaking.

You always have difficulty in making eye contact when you are speaking with your colleagues or friends moreover you find it difficult to speak due to intense feeling of speaking something wrong and making fool of yourself.

In addition to all these symptoms if you find blushing, sweating, trembling or shaking, vigorous heartbeats, nausea, upset stomach, shaky voice, muscle tension, sold hands and feet as well confusion when you see crowd or pool of people then definitely these all are Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms.

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