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Teen Depression – Treatments and Drugs!

Teen Depression Treatments and Drugs

There are a number of treatments available for teen depression. Apart from medications psychological counseling is also very effective for most teen patients suffering from depression. In many cases a good primary care doctor will be in a position to prescribe medications that could help relieve symptoms associated with depression. However, there could be situations […]

10 Natural Treatments For Depression!

Depression Natural Treatments

It is certain that you feel helpless and miserable when you suffering from depression. However, you need feel that there is nothing that can be done. While medication and therapy are indeed very important, there are quite a few things that you can do on our own to fight back depression. Changes to your behavior, […]

Paternal PND in Men – Symptoms and Risk Factors!

PND in Men

Some three to ten per cent of men suffer from depression during the periods before and after the birth of their child. A lot of people believe that men have postnatal depression — referred to as PND – because of or corresponding to the depression of their partner. However, men can go through this separately […]

Bipolar Disorder – Symptoms and Treatments

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is also referred to as manic depression. It indeed is a major affective disorder or it could also be called as a mood disorder. It manifests itself in many ways and dramatic mood swings are perhaps the most common symptom associated with this disorder. Since this is a major disorder it could cause […]

Postnatal Depression in Women – Causes and Symptoms

Postnatal Depression

While giving birth a new life for a woman is indeed a joyful incident, the problem of baby blues may often create a lot of issues for the mother particularly after the first few days of the birth of the baby. Many women feel miserably, tired, tense and weepy. This is because of major hormonal […]

Men and Pospartum Depression

Men Pospartum Depression

Not many of us would believe the fact that even men could suffer from depression post-delivery (postpartum) of his baby. Researchers are just beginning to understand how a man feels after depression. Such depression is called PPND or Paternal Postnatal Depression. Though research has begun, there is a lot of ground to be covered before […]

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