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Anxiety Symptoms & Ways to End Anxiety Attacks on the Spot!

Anxiety Attacks Symptomps and Remedies

More About Anxiety…

It might have happened to many of us. We could suddenly see our heart pounding and we may start feeling dizzy and begin to faint. We could also have shortness of breath and our hands and feet may start having a sense of tingling or numbness.

There could also be pressure building on your chest and shortly you might be having a feeling that the end is near. You could also feel that something crazy is going to happen to you which exactly may not happen at all. The above are symptoms of an anxiety attack.

There are millions of people, not only in America but in many other parts of the world who undergo various types and forms of anxiety attacks every day. Unfortunately, you could also be one of them. Or, you could be associated with someone who is fighting a tough battle with this condition.

Whether it is you or your friend or relative suffering from anxiety attacks, it is important for you to find out ways and means by which you can learn to deal with this problem. This can be best handled and treated only when you know what Anxiety Attack is all about.

Lending a helping hand to persons suffering from Anxiety and Depression is important because it can help you to help yourself and for others, such help could be a great source of solace because he or she would feel that they are not alone in this battle. Such help apart from making them feel comfortable and safe will also over a period of time assist them to come out this condition.

What Causes Anxiety?

It would be difficult to assign one particular reason for the triggering of anxiety attacks. In fact it could be nothing and everything. In most of the cases, the person who has suffered from anxiety seldom is able to pin point to one particular reason that could have led to such attacks.

It would be pertinent to point out here that when a person recovers from a previous attack and goes back to the same setting or situation which led to the first attack, there are high chances that there could be a relapse of the attack again. This happens because he or she is reminded about the ferocity and terrifying nature of such attack. It is a cycle of fear which often causes recurring attacks of Anxiety Disorder.

More often than not the big fear of having one more attack is the seed for one more attack. This is because each attack makes the person believe that he or she is dying which however, does not happen in a vast majority of the cases.

On the flip side the fact that you suffer from fear of another impending attack is because you mind thinks so. Hence there is little doubt that mind has a very important role to play in triggering different episodes of anxiety disorder attacks. It would therefore be not a bad idea to fine tune your mind and make it in such a way that it could play a role in preventing further attacks.

It is the brain which is the main organ which can play a role in either triggering fresh anxiety attacks or prevent them from happening in the future. Research and studies have proven that there are two specific areas of the brain which could trigger an anxiety attack and take you totally by surprise.

There are various reasons which could lead to a person suffering from Anxiety. It could be the:

  • Stress and strain associated with daily family, office and professional life.
  • The unpaid bills that could be adding up,
  • The lack of control over your children, office work pressure, discord in family life and many other situations can lead to this disorder.
  • There could also be genetic traits which also may play a big role in trigger various types of anxiety attacks.

How To Fight Anxiety Attacks?

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To begin with, it is very important for you to know when you are having one such attack. Once you understand that you are about to suffer from an anxiety attack could lead to a situation where the attack wont last for a long time. Most of the attacks could last anything from a few minutes to 30 minutes. It may not be easy for you to lie down and relax during such attacks.

  • The best you can do is to sit, have your eyes close and start breathing slow and steady.
  • You should try and shift your concentration towards this breathing rather than being frightened by the impending attack. This certainly will help you to become more relaxed and more at ease. Though not a complete turnaround such breathing exercises certainly can help a lot.


Being busy and redirecting your mind to some other thought is a very effective method to prevent such anxiety attacks. This is something that cannot be done overnight and regularly being at it will certainly help you reach this objective.

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