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10 Power Tips on How to Prevent Headaches!

It does not matter what kind of headache you have and out of what reasons, the important thing is every kind of headache can be prevented. It really does not seem right to bear the agony of thrusting pain when you do have option to prevent them.

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Tips to Prevent Headaches

Here are some tips that you have to follow in your regular lifestyle in order to notice their incredible outcome in preventing headache

  1. Although many individuals are habitual, readers in order to get their good night sleep.  However most of the times posture they opt for reading is not at all all right.

    Considering the fact that reading while lying down has become a common thing for most of the individuals. This posture is not perfect to read and not at all appreciated to read while lying down. Therefore, never read when you are lying down.

  2. The best thing you can do in such circumstances is to make sure that you have elevated your head with the help of some pillows below your head. This will automatically provide support to your neck and head by keeping you your head slightly raised causing less harm to your wyes and head.
  3. Lighting is one aspect that plays an important role in reading. Make sure that your room has appropriate lighting conditions for performing some kind of needlework as well reading.  Please understand that room should be appropriately lighted because too much light and too less light both are harmful.
  4. Other thing that does make difference is making sure that you receive light from the back of your head and not from the front of head directly on your eyes. Same thing is applicable when you are using computer making sure that source of light is from behind your head.
  5. Often when you are reading in lying down position you have to hold the book close to your eyes, which should be avoided. When you hold book too close to your eyes that intended then it has potential to harm your eyes due to increased stress on eye muscles to concentrate on near objects. Holding book at the level of your chest is the best option for reading.
  6. Well, make sure you are not holding the book too far that intended because it is equally harmful for eyes. For a change, you can try book stands that will help you keep the book at appropriate distance that is at your chest level while reading.
  7. By any chance, if you think you do have eye problems then it is better to check them from reputed ophthalmologist. You need glasses if you are suffering from watering eyes when you are reading or doing some fine work. Eye problems constitutes most of the headaches so it good to check them at earliest.
  8. Another aspect playing an important role in reading and headaches is print size of the book. Any book that has fine printing or small fonts should be avoided. Although you do have option to find the book with large fonts or use, magnifying glasses while reading.
  9. Another thing you have to avoid is stop reading when you are travelling or in moving vehicles as the bumpy roads and sharp curves might cause headaches along with motion sickness. It does not matter how fine technology your car has to prevent bumpy roads you will experience jerks in moving vehicles.

    This leads to continuous efforts in adjusting and readjusting your concentration on text, which is bad for your eye muscles. All you receive due to this habit is instant headache once you stop travelling.

  10. Always understand that light you receive from your computer or television is not always enough to read as some people do have tendency to read in such lights. You will have to turn on lamplight or overhead light along with these reflected lights so that your eyes can easily accommodate to better reading conditions.


All types of headaches and migraines can be prevented making sure they do not reappear in their original form as they were before treatment. You just have to find the causes and roots that initiate headaches and migraines to live drug free healthy life along with better lifestyle.

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